5 Ways to Master the Art of Open Shelves

We are all heart eyes for open shelves, the trend sweeping our social apps and living spaces (and us … off our feet). If you’re almost as intimidated by decorating open shelves as you are by creating a gallery wall, join the club! For those currently coveting this look but not knowing where to begin, try these top-shelf styling tips.

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1. Be Book Smart

Books for shelves … how original, right? Hear us out! Choose books that embody the focus of your newly styled shelves. If ceramics are the star, let your favorite cookbooks be the background singers. To tell a travel story, showcase mementos from your favorite trip, display maps, and stack travel books. Going for a color story? Keep the theme with book covers that match your palette.

All Across Africa Woven Bowls and Baskets and Ceramics - The Little Market

2. Grow All Out

Bring your space to life with plants! Potted plants are the perfect space fillers for open shelving. Succulents are our go-to house plant because they are low maintenance and have lots of character — no two are the same! We planted ours in Moroccan ceramic cups and mugs for a quirky-cute collection. If you’re going for a leafy look, try a pothos plant, or for a dramatic flare, try an english ivy or a spider plant, which are also great air purifiers.

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3. Go Monochrome

If you find yourself falling in love with a certain piece, create your color story around that! If you’re having a moment with monochrome, it’s especially important to plan your placement so your pieces don’t blend together. Once your collection is complete, start by stacking similar styles. Then, we suggest spreading them out amongst your shelves and breaking them up with subtle accents such as books, glassware, and flowers. Play with the placement until you’ve found exactly what you love! Ideally your eye will seamlessly move throughout, without being caught at one point. The best part — nothing’s permanent!

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4. Get Eclectic

When aiming for an effortlessly eclectic style, mix and match colors, patterns, and pieces for a “just-back-from-abroad” look. You don’t have to choose form over function with baskets and bins. Showcase neutral shades, like olive wood pieces, for subtle statement that brings attention to your collection as a whole.

Black Ceramics - The Little Market

5. Stack on Stacks

Create height and depth interest in your open shelves by stacking pieces so some are taller than others. We have piles of new styles of ceramics perfect for this purpose. Balance black and bold pieces with intricate patterns and bright whites to create your own unique collection.

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