5 Ways You Can Support Fair Trade Every Day


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What is fair trade? You may have heard this term when purchasing a product at one time or another. Fair Trade Certified means that the product “was made according to rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards.” Certain standards and principles must be met in order for items to be considered fair trade. Fair trade is doing good for the world by “supporting responsible companies, empowering farmers, workers, and fishermen, and protecting the environment.” It ensures that the products being made do not harm the environment and support the people making these items.

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We believe that fair trade is very important for bettering our world. At The Little Market, we define fair trade as: “A form of ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable production that focuses on creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers. It promotes inclusive practices, safe working conditions, fair pay, and the preservation of traditional techniques.” We are proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Fair Trade Principles {The Little Market}Besides shopping at The Little Market, here are five other ways you can support fair trade every day and make the world a better, more sustainable place!

1. Shop fair trade products.

Products that are fair trade often have a certified mark on the product that looks like the symbol featured on this packaging below.



2.  Purchase food that is Fair Trade Certified to support and empower farmers.

(Don’t forget to look for the mark on the product or ask a store manager!) Fair trade produce includes: bananas, cocoa, coffee, flowers, sugar, tea, composite products, carbon credits, fresh fruit, gold, honey, juices, rice, spices and herbs, sports balls, and wine.

Coffee {Marisa-Vitale-The-Little-Market}jpgPhoto by Marisa Vitale

3. Give back!

Donating to nonprofits and supporting fair trade is very impactful. Donating helps support and strengthen communities to help them rise above the poverty line.

4. Spread the word!

If you have friends or family that are unaware of what fair trade is, explain what it means. It is important that our community is educated about the importance of fair trade and what they can do to support it.

5. Become a Fair Trade Certified business.

Visit this website to learn how to certify your products and business as Fair Trade.

Fair Trade supports communities and culture. By purchasing fair trade items and shopping consciously, you are doing good for the world by protecting the environment and supporting fair pay for the labor that went into each and every item.

Shop The Little Market’s fair trade products by clicking here.

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