Backstage: Our Trip to Downtown Women’s Center + Homeboy Industries

Last week, our team had the opportunity to visit two organizations we work closely with in Downtown Los Angeles, Calif.: Made by DWC, of the Downtown Women’s Center, and Homeboy Industries.


We started our day with a tour of DWC and Made by DWC, a social enterprise. DWC focuses on serving women who have experienced homelessness and provides services they need. The drop-in center is exclusive to women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, so that they can have a safe and secure place to stay during the day. Women can stop by the free clinic, get a free meal, utilize facility resources such as the education center, and take a shower. As part of the health and wellness program, DWC feeds the local women three meals a day. 

Our team helped prepare and serve lunch to more than 200 women

DWC’s product design and development workshops provide women with social and vocational skills in an empowering environment where they can rebuild their self-esteem and discover talents. 

DWC works with program participants to hand-pour our soaps in small batches.


After volunteering, our team took a trip to Homeboy Industries to learn more about its programs, which train and support individuals through reentry programs. 

Our first stop was Homegirl Cafe for a deliciously prepared lunch and freshly baked goods. 

DID YOU KNOW? Homeboy Industries supports over 10,000 people annually.

Next, we were given a detailed tour of Homeboy Industries! We learned about the important services the nonprofit provides, including workforce development, mental health services, tattoo removal, and so much more. We also took a peek into the bakery, which is a training ground for aspiring bakers.

Once the tour finished, we couldn’t help but get a dozen Homegirl Cafe cupcakes before leaving!

A big thank you to DWC and Homeboy Industries for having us. 

This day was an educational and moving experience for our team. Our mission is not only to provide a platform for artisans globally, but also to support and uplift our community. Los Angeles is a city filled with hopes and dreams; let’s make them a reality by empowering marginalized groups through economic and social opportunities. 

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