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It can be easy to become obsessed by the digital world and neglect our connections to people and tactile objects. But that wasn’t the case with The Little Market team members Hugo Bettencourt, wholesale operations associate, and Veronica Arroyo, quality control associate. At the beginning of 2019, Hugo and Veronica took an initiative and began a book club right here at The Little Market. Keep reading to see what Hugo and Veronica have planned for this year and for an inside look into what we’re reading. 

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Hugo and Veronica were discussing their 2019 New Year’s resolutions in late December 2018, and they realized they both had resolved to read more. Veronica wanted to read 28 books as she turns 28 this year, and Hugo chose to read at least one novel per month. Veronica shared  her “Want to Read” list with Hugo, and they collaborated on a list based on mutual interests, which included blindspots in “classics,” Latin-American magical realism, and speculative fiction.

The Little Market Reading List | The Little Market


Hugo and Veronica were excited to start and invited our team members to join at any point in the year if a book interested them. January and February went by quickly, and Hugo and Veronica were both consciously reading at the same pace so they could share thoughts without spoiling anything. 

Meka Manchak, development + outreach associate, joined in for “Norwegian Wood,” and the three of them compared thoughts on this unusual novel set in 1960s Japan (no spoilers here!). The “Aeneid” was a more challenging read with its epic poem format and mythological subject matter (but the biggest challenge so far was yet to come!). Even more team members, Kalynn Daniels, operations manager, and Annalie Losoya, artisan program associate, joined in for “The Handmaid’s Tale” (which is understandable considering how popular the adaptation is around the office). 

Currently, they have been reading “The Divine Comedy,” which is tough as it is three books in one (“Inferno,” “Purgatorio,” and “Paradiso”), as well as returning to the epic poem format, which was a challenge in April. Despite this little setback, Hugo and Veronica are still enthusiastically anticipating the books scheduled for the second half of the year. We are so excited for our Book Club and for The Little Market team members to join in reading and sharing experiences with one another.


Hugo and Veronica have discussed some ideas for which books to include for next year and plan on reading authors like Philip K. Dick, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Sofía Segovia.

Are any of these books or authors on your reading list? Let us know what you’ve been reading in the comments below, or show us in a photo on Instagram, @thelittlemarket!

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