Backstage: TLM Social Distancing Survival Guide

As we navigate this new way of life together, we’re staying home — working remotely and embracing the comfort of what we know. Our team is staying in and adjusting by finding creative and safe entertainment as they practice social distancing. Here is our team’s social distancing survival guide. 


Online creative outlets are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends or practicing self-care. From learning how to decorate a cake to navigating a digital design program, there are endless creative choices. Diving into your imagination and creative side is a great form of stress relief. 


Your fitness studio or gym may be closed, but that doesn’t mean your daily routine has to stop. Check online if your fitness classes are available online. Not only will you continue staying active, but you’re also supporting your favorite studios and instructors. 

Also don’t forget to get some fresh air by taking a walk, going for a run, or riding your bike through your neighborhood, if safe and able.


Our team has been safely connecting with friends, family, and one another through video calls, conference lines, and social media. We encourage staying connected with loved ones by having video dates, dinners, or game nights.  


Virtual Tours 

You do not have to fly to Paris to visit the Louvre. Visit all your favorite museums online. 


Listening to informative, comedic, or wellness-themed podcasts helps our team maintain a positive mindset.  


Hugo And Veronica Reading Books | The Little Market

The Little Market Book Club! Founded in 2019 by team members sharing a common reading goal for the new year.  Read more about our team’s book club here.

We recommend reading “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption” by Bryan Stevenson. Also available in a young adult adaption to purchase on our website.

Streaming Sites

Movie night is now every night by keeping up with all the latest movies and shows. 


Cooking up new recipes?  Here are some recipes our team recommends to try:

Recipes by Claire Thomas – The Kitchy Kitchen

Recipes by Sweet Laurel

Recipes by Kelly LeVeque – Be Well by Kelly

Our team recommends staying in with Homeboy Industries. Residents in the city of Los Angeles can now receive freshly baked goods every Friday to make the weekend a little more sweet. Place your order now!


Donation or Volunteer Opportunities

As we stay in, we want to continue making a positive impact in our community by donating, volunteering, and helping in the best possible way for those most vulnerable. 

Donate an assorted box of Homeboy Bakery treats to a healthcare professional. With your added contribution, you are not only supporting individuals at Homeboy Industries and The Little Market’s global community, but also local workers on the front line of this pandemic.

Tell us in the comments below your tips on what is your survival guide for staying home with The Little Market, or show us by tagging us, @thelittlemarket, on Instagram. 

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