Behind the Design: Our First Store

Our first-ever brick-and-mortar store has been open for just over a month now, and it is still a dream come true! Thank you to the Studio Lifestyle team for helping make this dream a reality. We caught up with Elle from Studio Lifestyle to discuss the inspiration behind the store, sourcing materials, and her favorite aspects of the project!

ceramics, mugs, shelves, candles, the little market

About the lampshades:

The lights are from HK living. We knew from the beginning we really wanted to have the lights be a statement, and we loved how the natural material really worked for The Little Market products.

the little market store, lampshades, in store

About the materials:


We knew we wanted the space to have a very clean, yet warm and organic feel to showcase the products. Many of the items are colorful, so we knew we wanted the palette to be light. We played with values and mixed shades of white on the flooring, cash wrap, walls, and millwork to create a clean tonal backdrop for the product. We chose finishes and materials which were very beautiful, yet also durable, like the handmade Moroccan tile on the cash wrap.

cashwrap, in store, the little market store

About her favorite part of the store:

We love the basket wall! We wanted a unique way to display all the beautiful handmade baskets and throws. The brass utility rails and S hooks (from Schoolhouse Electric) were perfect to play a super functional role, but also look so chic. We love the layered look when all the baskets and throws are stocked up!

basket wall, the little market store, baskets, artisan made

About working with Hannah and Lauren:

It was a dream collaboration. Both Hannah and Lauren are incredibly creative and have impeccable taste, so we had some great meetings early on to hone in on the tone and atmosphere they wanted the store to have. They know their product and their brand so well, so it was a matter of translating that to a physical environment. The project took about nine months overall, from the very first meeting to opening day. Much of that time was managing all the behind-the-scenes aspects — the architectural planning, city permits, construction etc. It was a long road, but luckily we had a really great team assembled who made it really fun. It was so exciting each week to visit the site and see new elements of the space come together.

The Little Market store, Lauren and Hannah, Palisades Village

Thank you again to Elle and the Studio Lifestyle team for your amazing partnership! We were so grateful to work with you.

Have you had a chance to stop by our store in the Palisades Village? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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