Behind the Scenes: Sisal Basket Collection

Photo Courtesy of Kasigau Basket Weavers

We are so excited to introduce our new collection of striped, solid, and colorblock baskets! Our team worked closely with the artisan group, Kasigau Basket Weavers, to design and develop this line of stylish storage in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns for every room in your home, every day of the year. Keep reading for a peek at the process!

Our first round of samples from the artisan group began in September 2016, almost two years ago! We were immediately drawn to the color and pattern options that the artisans created by dying and weaving the locally grown sisal leaves.

Shortly after, in January 2017, Marisa, our Lead Graphic Designer, shared her vision through renderings with the artisan group, and the collection started coming together. Marisa said, “The artisan group had a large variety of striped patterns, and our goal was to curate a selection that coordinates well together We wanted to keep their techniques and designs in the collection while adding a modern twist.” 

In the months that followed, the artisans started to make each basket by following an intricate cultural technique that is passed down from women to women. Edurne, The Little Market’s Product Development Coordinator, said, “The artisans worked hard to create consistent color dye. We had to do several rounds of samples and would receive pictures on WhatsApp in the middle of the night to see the colors and sizes.” 

In September 2017, a year after our first samples, we started to coordinate shipping with Kasigau Basket Weavers. But it wasn’t until overcoming several shipping challenges (thanks to our agents!) that the baskets finally shipped in February 2018.

At The Little Market, you can shop knowing the women feel empowered by the work they participate in. By handcrafting these baskets and earning a supplemental income, they can feel more confident and take part in key decision making processes.

We hope you enjoy using these baskets as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Photos by Stephanie Catlow

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