Blood Orange & Pomegranate Thyme Spritz

Our friends at Beijos Events know how to throw a party. If you’re hosting this holiday season, try some of their creative takes on holiday favorites. Read below to learn how to make their delicious blood orange and pomegranate thyme spritz. Cheers!


In a small saucepan, set over medium heat. Combine the cane sugar, water, and thyme. Stir until the sugar has dissolved; bring to a simmer and then immediately turn off the heat, cover and allow to cool and steep, about 15 minutes.

Fill up four The Little Market glasses with ice. Add an ounce (2 tablespoons) of syrup to each glass. Top with about 3 ounces of pomegranate juice and 1-ounce vodka, and then top with the blood orange water. Give it a light mix and then garnish with thyme sprigs.

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