10 Ways to Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Be Kind PURPOSEfull TOTE {The Little Market}

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Today and every day, participate by spreading kindness throughout your community.

Keep reading for a few ideas for acts of kindness.  

1. Write your friends a handwritten note thanking them for their friendship.

2. Surprise a friend with bottle of wine and a little succulent.

3. Sign up to volunteer in your community this week at a local library, a food bank, or an elementary school.

4. Bring treats to work for your co-workers on Monday morning.

5. Treat your local crossing guards, garbage collectors, and mail carrier to a coffee.

6. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you.

7. Give flowers to a teacher or mentor.

8. Donate items such as clothes, toys, shoes, books, and home décor.

9. Host a dinner for all of your friends.

10. Bake homemade cookies and share them with your neighbors.

Share with us how you are celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day by commenting below or tagging us on Instagram!

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