Celebrating World Fair Trade Week

2017 World Fair Trade Week QuoteHandwriting by Marisa Mangum

World Fair Trade Week, organized by the World Fair Trade Organization, takes place from November 8 through November 15. Every two years, entities in the fair trade supply chain — including fair trade organizations, producers, wholesalers, and advocates — meet to discuss the Fair Trade movement and its course.

From November 9 to November 13, more than 250 participants are expected to attend the 14th conference in coordination with the Fair Trade Forum India in New Delhi. They have convened to focus on Sustainable Development Goals and the Organic movement through workshop sessions.

The Little Market is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which works closely with the World Fair Trade Organization. We are proud to celebrate fair trade and the principles behind the movement. At The Little Market, every product we carry is made practicing fair trade principles that help to create a sustainable source of income for artisan groups working in marginalized communities.

Fair trade emphasizes ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable production. It provides a platform for small-scale producers and cultural preservation. The now-global movement dates back to the 1940s. This movement recognizes the producer, cultural technique, and story behind each product. Fair trade principles, as outlined by the Fair Trade Federation, include creating transparent relationships, paying fairly and paying promptly, respecting the cultural identity and heritage behind the product, and providing safe work environments, to name a few.

The Little Market is proud to support fair trade principles. To learn more, please take a look at the articles below or visit our site.


World Fair Trade Organization
Fair Trade Federation Principles

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