Citrus Salad with Tarragon & Star Anise with a Pomegranate Reduction

Our friends at Beijos Events know how to throw a party. If you’re hosting this holiday season, try some of their creative takes on holiday favorites. Read below to learn how to make their delicious citrus salad that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Nothing screams holiday brunch more than the festive holiday essentials like citrus and pomegranate with an aromatic splash of tarragon and star anise.


First, let’s make the pomegranate reduction. This is a simple syrup with pomegranate and a splash of apple cider vinegar to give it a tangy taste. The best part about this syrup is unlike a reduction, which is cooking something down to a thick consistency, all you have to do is combine and put in the fridge.

Add all ingredients to a large bottle or jar, seal tightly, and shake vigorously to combine. Store in the refrigerator for two to three days before using to create a sweet and tart simple syrup. Flavors will continue to mingle and mature over time. Use within 6 months.

Cut the citrus into large slices and arrange on a large serving tray.

Sprinkle pomegranate seeds and fresh mint sprigs over the sliced citrus. Sprinkle a couple of star anise and tarragon leaves on top of the salad. Finally, lightly dress the salad with pomegranate reduction using a spoon. A lot goes a long way, so don’t overdress the citrus!


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