Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - 2018 - Quote

Handwriting by Marisa Mangum

Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorates the life, vision, leadership, civic contributions, and legacy of social justice left behind by Dr. King. Born on January 15, 1929, he became a key figure of the Civil Rights Movement. His voice brought attention to the plight of marginalized communities within American society. His words and vision remain relevant to this day.

Dr. King articulated a compelling case for education as a medium to achieve justice. Having completed his doctoral studies in systematic theology at Boston University’s School of Theology 1955, he effectively incorporated academia and spirituality into his work. His commitment to equality expanded to all aspects of civil society. Within each of his speeches and addresses was an invitation to practice compassion and humility and to be of service to others.

Dr. King was a relentless advocate for racial justice, access, and equality; his efforts were characterized by nonviolence. In addition to being a skilled orator, he was a proponent of backing one’s words with actions. He believed it is not enough to speak about one’s ideals and values; he recognized that change can only take place through action and unity across race, creed, social class, etc.

Dr. King was committed to solidarity. In his view, all forms of discrimination and injustice could be overcome through unity and commitment to one another’s human dignity. Today, we join our voice in celebrating the man, who encouraged us to believe and work toward equality and justice.


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