Eat Your Flower Power

People often talk about the power of plants as good for you and your gut, but colorful flowers are good for the soul. When it’s hot and sunny, make these sweet and floral treats from our friend Claire of The Kitchy Kitchen.

Combine sugar and water over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Cook for an additional 5 minutes as it simmers. Take off heat and add the rosewater. Cool completely.

Stir together the coconut water and syrup. Place 3 to 5 flowers in each popsicle mold and fill with coconut water mixture.

Put molds in the freezer for two hours or until partially frozen. Add the popsicle sticks into the center and freeze for another three hours or until solid.

Make sure to take photos of these cool sweets! Pair with fresh flowers and this reusable bag.



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