Event Recap: The Little Market x Natural Resources Defense Council


On Nov. 7, we had the privilege of having the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) to have an open discussion about environmental issues for this month’s speakers series, Coffee + Conversation. NRDC is an organization with a mission focused on environmental and animal protection in the United States and internationally. We strive to continue collaborating with organizations and artisan groups in creating sustainably made products that have a low impact on the environment. 

Kelly Meyer (Left), Carson Meyer (Center), + Claire Woods (Right)

Claire Woods, NRDC Attorney

Claire Woods’ passion for environmental rights and activism was the reason she went to Columbia Law School to become an environmental lawyer. Since joining the NRDC Litigation Team in 2017, Woods has litigated a large variety of cases that dealt with issues from polluted air to water contamination. Woods is among an incredible group of female litigators (65 percent of the team are women who are leading high priority cases). NRDC focuses on cases including environmental policy rollbacks, citizen suits (private citizens who sue private or public agencies for environment-related issues), and suing federal governments for openness/transparency. 

Carson Meyer, NRDC Supporter + Activist

Carson Meyer is a longtime NRDC supporter and activist for the environment and clean beauty. She described NDRC as “the law firm for planet earth” for its dedication to environmental law and protections. Meyer spoke about how NRDC inspired her to start her environmentally clean skincare line. 

Kelly Meyer, NRDC Trustee

Kelly Chapman Meyer is an environmental activist and a trustee of NRDC. Meyer’s dedication to environmental rights and protections is what led her to NRDC. As a trustee of NDRC, the reason she continues to be involved with NRDC is because of a passion like Claire’s. When a new challenge arises, Claire is the first to say, “Bring the fight to me!”


Thank you to Sweet Laurel Bakery and friends of The Little Market. During the event, we enjoyed delicious pastries provided by our friends at Sweet Laurel Bakery, which is located just around the corner from our brick-and-mortar store in the Palisades Village

We appreciate everyone who took the time to attend and support The Little Market and NRDC. 

Upcoming Coffee + Conversations

For all upcoming events, stay tuned to our Instagram and website for more details and right here on Cultural Exchange for behind-the-scenes looks. 

Learn more about, support, or get involved with the Natural Resource Defense Council here

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