Fair Trade Principle 4: Promote Fair Trade

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As an active member of a fair trade organization, The Little Market is committed to raising awareness about fair trade. We have previously discussed fair trade as a social movement focused on ensuring that the means of production, global supply chains, and economic systems become equitable. Next up in our series is the fourth fair trade principle, which is focused on promoting fair trade methods.

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Mass production, mechanization, and hypercompetition often result in decreased wages and poor working conditions for producers in the Global South. According to the Fair Trade Federation, “Fair Trade encourages an understanding by all participants of their role in world trade.” In addition to showcasing our partners’ exquisite work, Cultural Exchange allows us the space to contribute to the ongoing conversation about fair trade, ethical production, and artisan empowerment. We love sharing stories about our partners and our mission through our social accounts and newsletter as well. 

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There is a rich cultural history behind each of our products. At The Little Market, we are committed to contextualizing each product through artisans’ stories, country descriptions, and raising awareness about some of the social issues faced by vulnerable artisan communities. All of our products are produced following the high standards of fair trade. We carry a variety of artisan-made goods, from pieces to elevate your home décor and kitchen essentials to accessories and gifts that give back. Your support of fair trade through ethical purchases of these products creates opportunities for marginalized artisans and helps increase awareness.

Please take a moment to browse our artisan profiles, the countries we work in, and the techniques we carry. We look forward to continuing to share these valuable stories with you and expanding our reach to other countries and communities. Thank you for your support of fair trade and of the artisans we partner with!

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Yazmin Gonzalez - Artisan Liaison {The Little Market}
Yazmin Gonzalez

Artisan Liaison for The Little Market

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