Fair Trade Principle 5: Pay Fairly & Promptly

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The fifth fair trade principle outlined by the Fair Trade Federation is the fair and prompt payment to artisans. Since The Little Market was founded in 2013, we have been committed to ensuring that our artisan partners receive fair remuneration that is commensurate to their work.

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In accordance to the fair trade model, our partners set the prices for their products, taking into account the labor and cost of raw materials. We recognize that artisans are better positioned to quantify the value of their product; therefore, we never barter prices. We recognize the financial disadvantages small producers face. As such, we ensure that our artisan partners exercise full discretion in determining their prices and the payment method that best fits their operational needs. We purchase artisans’ products at fair trade prices that provide a living wage. We appreciate the value of the artisans’ work and respect the prices they set.

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When establishing partnerships with new artisan groups, we ensure that potential partners meet or exceed national and local wage standards. We select artisan partners based on their commitment to equitably distributing income. It is of crucial importance for us that equal pay for equal work by women and men is a standard practice of all of our partners.

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Paying fairly and promptly is one of our founding values and continues to be one of the fundamental principles guiding our sourcing strategy. Every time you purchase product from The Little Market, you are supporting our effort to create meaningful income opportunities for marginalized artisans. Your support affirms a commitment to equal pay for equal work.


Yazmin Gonzalez - Artisan Liaison {The Little Market}
Yazmin Gonzalez

Artisan Liaison for The Little Market

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