Fair Trade Principle 9: Respecting Cultural Identity

Artisans Groups in Mexico {The Little Market}

In alignment with the fair trade principle of Respect to Cultural Identity, our collection at The Little Market showcases the work of diverse communities, artisan groups, and techniques. We are committed to being inclusive of artisans representing different life experiences, challenges, and triumphs. In the development of exclusive products, we always ensure that we are mindful of practices and organizational models based on geographic and culturally specific traditions. We strive to support artisan groups focused on technique revitalization. Our sourcing and product development practices balance market trends with the producers’ unique and valuable cultural heritage.

Artisan Groups in Guatemala {The Little Market}

In addition, since our founding in 2013, we have consistently expanded representation of artisan groups.

Lauren and Hannah in Guatemala (1 of 2) {The Little Market}

In October 2013, we launched The Little Market with eight partners in five countries. Today, The Little Market carries ethically sourced, artisan-made goods from more than 40 artisan groups in over 20 countries.

We are proud to source products from seven distinct indigenous groups from the Americas: Maya, Tzotzil Maya, Aymara, Acora, Juli, Pilcullo, and Quechua.

Lauren Visiting Artisans in Mexico {The Little Market} (1) (1)

We look forward to continue diversifying our collection and to continue celebrating the rich identities that make our products so beautiful and unique.

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