Farmers Market Picks & Tricks from Our Favorite Foodie

Our favorite corner of the Internet lately is at the cross-section of yummy food and beautiful photos, otherwise known as Lady & Larder’s lovely Instagram. We followed female co-founder, Sarah Simms Hendrix, around the Santa Monica farmers market (so you don’t have to). Here are a few things (mostly food, but also advice) that we picked up along the way!

For our local followers, which are your go-to farmers markets?

We love the Wednesday market in Santa Monica. We also shop Tuesdays in Culver City, Fridays in Venice, Saturdays in Santa Monica, and Sunday in Mar Vista. We like to make a full loop before committing to anything.

Your charcuterie boards are lust-worthy! What are your favorite must-have foods to pair, style, and (most importantly) eat?

I love playing with textures and finding that perfect balance.  I may or may not have a hoarding problem with condiments. I collect honey, mustards, and all of the jams and preserves I can get my hands on.

Do you have any pro-tips for finding the best at farmers market?

Try samples. Ask lots of questions. The more you go, the more comfortable and familiar you get. It’s pretty magical watching the produce change week-to-week through each season.

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have any favorite food-inspiration accounts we need to follow on Instagram?

I’m always so inspired by my twin sister, Boo’s work — @wyliewestcreative — everything she touches is magic. Currently, my favorite food accounts are very cake-centric: @sweet.lionheart, @tortikannuchka, and @historiasdelciervo.

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