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Silver Organization Collection {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Today we’re introducing our new silver basket collection on The Little Market and welcoming our newest artisan partner, JeevanKala.

JeevanKala Artisan Image 1 {JeevanKala - The Little Market}

JeevanKala, a social enterprise based out of Nepal and a member of the Fair Trade Federation, is dedicated to supporting artisans and their economic development. The organization currently employs approximately 200 artisans, and many of them are single mothers, widows, and individuals with disabilities. Many of the artisans have been affected by the caste system in Nepal and are considered “untouchables,” which is an oppressed group of individuals. With JeevanKala’s support, the female artisans can primarily work from home and have flexible schedules. JeevanKala, which translates to “Art for Life” in Nepali, developed out of a crafts program of Himalayan HealthCare. Himalayan HealthCare is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization that has operated in Nepal for 25 years.

JeevanKala Artisan Image 2 {JeevanKala - The Little Market}

We are very inspired by our artisan partners and are proud to work with artisans at JeevanKala. Take a look below to see how to style these beautiful silver baskets in your home and office space.

Silver Bowls 2 {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

These silver bowls are extra special because not only are they artisan-made, but they are made from clean repurposed snack wrappers. The silver is the inside of the snack wrappers, while the pops of color you might see woven in the baskets are the outside of the wrappers.

Silver Pen Holder {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

This metallic pen holder is perfect for keeping your favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters. You can refresh your office space with this timeless piece.

Silver Bowls + Gray Baskets {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

We love mixing and matching our collection of baskets. These silver baskets are artisan-made in Nepal, and the patterned baskets are hand-woven in Rwanda by one of our existing partners.

Silver Serving Tray {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Serve your favorite snacks and appetizers on a silver platter. This serving tray will shine bright at your next gathering with family and friends.

Silver Bowls {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

The new metallic bowls are made from clean repurposed snack wrappers as well as twine, needles, and an organic grass-like material. They are bright, functional, and made with sustainability in mind.  

Silver Bowls with Pom Poms {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Keep your timeless keepsakes in a timeless bowl like this beautiful hand-woven piece.

See the rest of our basket collection at The Little Market, and, in the comments below, let us know how you style your favorite baskets in your home and office.


Amulya Uppalapati {The Little Market}
Amulya Uppalapati

Marketing Associate for The Little Market

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