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Keepsake Candles {The Little Market}

Our exclusive keepsake candles bridge hand-poured candlemaking with ancient carving techniques. These candles made by refugee artisans working with Prosperity Candle are complemented by exquisitely crafted toppers carved by artisans in India working with Matr Boomie. This exclusive product showcases a timeless and harmonious combination of techniques across geographies, culminating in unique, ethically made home décor.

Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise based in the United States focused on empowering female refugees to escape poverty through skill acquisition. Prosperity Candle trains female artisans in the art of hand-poured candlemaking. This social enterprise provides a living wage to women who have recently resettled from refugee camps and are working to build a brighter future for themselves and their families in the United States. We are proud to work with Prosperity Candle and are excited to expand upon this collection — these keepsake candles include several new scents and also feature a candle jar that can be repurposed in a countless number of ways.

Repurposing a Candle Jar {The Little Market}

For centuries, carved wood has remained one of the most luxurious products from India. Ancient temples were opulently decorated with elaborate wooden carved fittings. Through the transmission from one generation to the next, dedicated artisans have maintained the technique and symbolism into the present. Wood used for carving is categorized into hardwoods (acacia, brazilian wood, cherry, and mahogany, among others) and softwoods (cedar, cypress, and pine, among others). Each category offers different properties; wood selection is generally dependent on the use of the carved piece. The Indian rainforests provide an abundant supply of wood variations. Production of these candle lids involves multiple steps, including the selection and drying of the wood, cutting and creating the shape of the lid, carving the design, and polishing the finished product. The sourcing to production process takes between one to two months.

Keepsake Candle Collection {The Little Market}

Artisans working with Matr Boomie begin making each topper by tracing the outline by hand on the selected piece of Indian rosewood. Traditionally, the artisans freestyle the outline. However, artisans work with templates for consistency. Once the outline has been drawn directly onto the wood, the edge of the design in chiselled by hand. Variations in the size that each chisels makes it possible for the artisan to reach various depths into the wood while maximizing the detail. Once the carving has been completed, the artisan carefully sands the surface, smoothing each piece to perfection. It takes approximately six hours for the artisan to carve each lid.

We are so excited to bring you these keepsake candles — a collaborative effort between refugee artisans at Prosperity Candle in Massachusetts and artisans at Matr Boomie in India.

To learn more, take a look at this video from Prosperity Candle’s team!

Video Courtesy of Prosperity Candle and Photos by Alandra Chavarria


Yazmin Gonzalez - Artisan Liaison {The Little Market}


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