From Hand to Home: Personalized & Custom Candles

Happy Holidays - Personalized Candle {The Little Market}Photo by Alandra Chavarria

This holiday season, give a meaningful gift that gives back by personalizing a special, hand-poured candle for anyone on your list. There are endless options for you to choose from to select the perfect option, and every fragrance we carry can be paired with a personalized candle.

Prosperity Candle {John Polak Photography - Courtesy of Prosperity Candle}Photo by John Polak Photography and Courtesy of Prosperity Candle

The candles in our collection are truly special because each is hand-poured by female refugees working with Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise in Massachusetts. Each woman is working toward a brighter future for herself and her family. The hardworking women are incredibly inspiring, and we are so proud to work with them to create this exclusive candle collection.

Candles at Prosperity Candle {John Polak Photography - Courtesy of Prosperity Candle}Photo by John Polak Photography and Courtesy of Prosperity Candle

We carry more than 40 fragrances throughout the year — from holiday fragrances to everyday scents. Visit our site to shop by scent and find the perfect option.

Candle Lettering {The Little Market}Photo by Alandra Chavarria

Once you’re ready to personalize the candle, choose a message for the label. You can shop by occasion or by customization.

Candle Labels {The Little Market}Photo by Alandra Chavarria

When you’re personalizing the candle’s message, you’re working with our designers to create a special label that is unique to you. Choose to personalize one of our existing designs, or have one of our designers hand-write something totally custom for you.

Name Candle - Personalized {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

If you’d like to add a name to the candle, select from our Monogram Candle collection. You can add initials or the full name of the gift’s recipient.

Photo by Alandra Chavarria

Or, if you’d like to personalize by occasion and say Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday, or Best Day Ever, take a look at this collection. Just choose the candle’s message and add in a the personalized note for the custom label such as a name or date.

Personalized CandlePhoto by Alandra Chavarria

There are many people we’d like to say “thank you” or “I love you” to during the holidays. Share a meaningful message by personalizing candles complete with their name and favorite scents.


Totally Custom CandlePhoto by Alandra Chavarria

If you’d like to completely customize your candle for the occasion or person, create a custom label to feature a special message, quote, and more!

If you’d like to see the rest of our candle collection, visit our shop here! What other personalized options would you like to see added to our collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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