Gift Guide: For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day {The Little Market}

We know Mother’s Day shopping can be a little difficult, but this year we want to make it easier for you to find that perfect gift for that special person who gave you everything! Below we listed some of our favorite items that your mother is sure to love.

Something Scent-imental

Our candles are non-GMO and made of a coconut and soy wax blend. They are available in a variety of phrases and more than 40 different scents. Some candles can even be personalized! These candles are also available in the signature glass vessel, a brass vessel, and a three-wick keepsake design. Shop through our Mom & Dad candle collection to find the perfect one for your mom!


If you’re having trouble picking just one scent, check out our curated gift sets featuring candles.

The Carry-all

There’s no better way to finish your moms gift off than with one of our unique PURPOSEfull TOTES! They are available in black and white and in a range of different sizes!

Dainty Details

Our jewelry collection from Cambodia features beautifully crafted tassel and beaded jewelry. The tassel collection offers a simple tassel or layered tassel earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace, all available in four different colors. Also available in a bracelet and necklace curated gift set with a pair of earrings! There’s no better way to add the perfect touch to any outfit than with these lovely little pieces!


This made-to-last bracelet is created with glass and 24k gold-filled beads. This beaded bracelet is available in four different bracelet styles and in black or blush.

Spa Day, Any Day

The women at MADE by DWC create refreshing and relaxing spa products your mom is sure to love! The collection offers bar soaps, sugar scrubs, soaking salts, and bath bombs. Each is offered in a variety of refreshing scents. They are also available in curated gift sets, to make gift giving even easier! Gift your mom these spa goods to give her the relaxing day she deserves!

Petals, Please

We carry a variety of vase designs and colors available in woven materials, glass, or ceramic.  These vases look beautiful on any table and are ready for a fresh bouquet of flowers!

Framed Forever

There’s no better gift than a beautiful memory shared with the ones you love! Our collection of handcrafted picture frames make it easier to give a memory. The collection offers six different frames ready for your mother’s most cherished photograph!


We’ve also created ready-to-go gift sets that allow you to mix and match certain items in regards to scents, color, and design.

Share with us how you plan on celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day by tagging us on Instagram, @thelittlemarket, or let us know in the comments below!

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