Gift Guide: For the Capricorn

It’s Capricorn season! Shop our latest collection of zodiac candles, perfect for friends who are always checking their horoscopes. One for every star sign, there are over 50 fragrances available to choose from. All of these candles are hand-poured at Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise based in the United States that invests in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty. 

Here is The Little Market’s guide to shopping for your Capricorn loved ones. 

Personality Traits: Responsible, ambitious, self-control, + resourceful

Colors: Brown + Black 

Element: Earth

Favorite Scents: Sweet + Spice

Resourceful Gifts


Gift Tote – The perfect alternative to wrapping paper or plastic gift bag is using a reusable tote bag made by women in Bangladesh. A Capricorn can use it again and again when grabbing a quick lunch or a beach bag to store sandals and sunnies.  

Bottle Stopper – When gifting a bottle of your beloved Capricorn’s favorite wine, pair it with a handmade bottle stopper made by South African artisans using brass. No need to throw away a perfect bottle of wine when they have a charming stopper to store it away. 

Kitchen Towel – Gifting a kitchen towel will help eliminate paper towel waste. Choose from our variety of handwoven towels made by weavers in India using pure cotton.

Sweet + Spice 


Chili-Infused Olive Oil – Capricorns love their spice. Gift a bottle or two of our olive oils made in Palestine by farmers implementing eco-conscious practices. The variety of options will give their meal the extra kick it needs.

Heart Spoon – Gift something sweet by giving a Capricorn a heart spoon made in Kenya by carvers using wild olive wood. It’s perfect when hosting a dinner to serve a meal with love. 

Cinnamon Bun Candle – The perfect combination of sweet and spice is our cinnamon bun candle. Gift a candle hand-poured by women who have resettled in the United States as refugees.   

Ambitious New Year 


Share CookbookAmbitious Capricorns seek new ideas and like to try what they haven’t experienced before. Gift the Share Cookbook that features over 100 recipes from war-torn countries to share the beauty of their cultures and make a positive impact.  The forward is written by Meryl Streep. 

Hampers + Baskets – It’s a new year for Capricorns and it’s time to start fresh. Help them keep their home organized with our collection of hampers and baskets to keep their items neatly stored. For example, our black square Iringa basket has six sizes to choose from, all made in Tanzania by women weavers using locally sourced grasses.  

Market Totes – Encourage your Capricorn loved one to make the switch to organic and locally sourced foods with our palm shopper tote. Gifting from our collection of market totes like the palm shopper supports artisan weavers in Ghana. Perfect for farmers market weekends with the family. 

Wrap it up! 

Wrap up all of your gifts with one of our gift boxes or gift bags

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