Happy Holiday Travels to All

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With sweater weather and pumpkin spiced lattes come holiday travel plans. Whether you’re going on a dreamy getaway or visiting family back home, here are some hot tips for cold travels.

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1. Don’t forget the gifts! Make everyone feel special this holiday season with a gift that keeps on giving. Our curated gift bags make it easy to remember everyone on your list.

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2. Pack for the weather. Baby, it will probably be cold outside or on the plane, so pack a scarf or beanie. These knits are also great for caroling or seeing Christmas lights!

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3. Plan ahead. Finding a flight with an aisle seat can be tricky this time of year, so book everything in advance. Check this item off of your list early and reward yourself by lighting a candle or having a spa night.

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4. Bring snacks. Flights can be tiring and trips can be stressful, so make sure you bring lots of chocolate or tea.

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5. Carry a big bag. You never know what you’ll need when you’re out and about or visiting family. Take this reusable tote and throw daily necessities inside.

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6. Don’t lose your luggage or passport. Attach a luggage tag to your suitcase to make checking bags a breeze. Tote this leather envelope clutch to keep track of the essentials like your passport, wallet, and keys.

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7. Take a travel companion. Keep babies calm on the plane with a soft and fluffy friend.

Small Gift Bag - Grazie {The Little Market}

8. Think like the locals do. If you’re taking a family vacation this winter, live like a local. Whether it’s learning a few phrases (like Grazie) or researching their go-to places, this strategy always provides a more genuine experience.

Happy holidays to all and to all good flights!

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