Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You So Much Candle {The Little Market}Photo by Alandra Chavarria

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported The Little Market and our journey. As we take the time to reflect on who and what we are thankful for this holiday season, we would like to thank you all for your commitment to fair trade and our mission! We are thankful for your support each and every day.

To Our Artisan Group Network

Thank you for your continued partnership and your support of fair trade practices. We are incredibly inspired by each and every one of your stories, your passion for creating beautiful products that preserve cultural traditions, and your strength, resilience, and hard work.  

To Our Customers and Donors

Every purchase and donation you make translates into a meaningful impact. You are truly making a difference in the lives of the artisans we work with, and we could not thank you enough for your loyal support of their beautiful, artisan-made goods.

To Our Volunteers

Thank you for your hard work and the time you dedicate to The Little Market. We are so thankful for your support.  

To Our Family and Friends

Thank you for encouraging us along the way. We are thankful to have you support The Little Market’s fair trade mission and for believing in this meaningful cause.

To Our Advisors and Mentors

We are very grateful for our advisors and the experts we communicate with in the human rights and fair trade fields. Thank you for your advice and guidance. 

Thank you all, and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones!

With gratitude,

The Little Market

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