Honoring Mom & Dad

The Best Mom and The Best Dad Soy Blend Candles {The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

June 1 is Global Day of Parents, which was proclaimed in 2012 by the UN General Assembly. This special day is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the most giving and thoughtful role models in our lives. Take a look below to shop gifts that are created by artisans who are working hard to rise above poverty and support their families around the world.

Parents' Shopping Guide May 2017 {The Little Market}

Shop These Items

1. White Mudcloth Pillow – Warrior, hand-drawn by artisans in Mali
2. Soy Blend Candle – The Best Dad, hand-poured by female refugees in Massachusetts
3. Soy Blend Candle – The Best Mom, hand-poured by female refugees in Massachusetts
4. Soaking Salt – Rose, hand-blended by young mothers in Illinois
5. Luggage Tag – La Jolla, hand-woven by female artisans in Guatemala
6. Wine Bag – Cheers, handmade by artisans in Bangladesh
7. Giraffe Wine Bottle Stopper, handmade by artisans in South Africa
8. Clear Large Wine Glass, hand-etched by artisans in Mexico
9. Kantha Quilt, hand-stitched by artisans in Bangladesh
10. Diamond Frame, handmade by artisans in India
11. Woven Bamboo Boxes, hand-woven by artisans in Laos

UN Global Day of Parents

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