How To: 7 Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar


We just added three-wick, keepsake candles to our collection at The Little Market. After about a year in development, we are very excited to share these new candles with you.

When curating products at The Little Market, in addition to ensuring these products are made following fair trade practices and are ethically sourced, we love finding products that look beautiful and can easily be incorporated into home décor and given as meaningful gifts.

Available in 10 scents, our three-wick candles are made with natural fragrances and provide a light and elegant aroma. Burmese female refugees at Prosperity Candle in Massachusetts have carefully hand-poured these candles, while artisans at Matr Boomie in India have carved the candle’s lid based on our team’s design.


The beauty of this candle jar is that once you’ve used the candle up completely, you can repurpose the vessel in a countless number of ways. To clean the candle jar completely before reusing, first freeze the glass vessel and then carefully chip out any remaining wax. After this, the jar can be cleaned with soap and water. The handmade lid can be wiped clean with a little bit of soap and water on a cloth. Avoid submerging the wooden lid in water to preserve it for a longer time.

Take a look below for how you can repurpose the candle vessel for décor or storage.

Nail Polish-Keepsake-Candle-{The-Little-Market}

Top It Off 

Keep bathroom and beauty essentials handy and all in one place with this beautiful jar.


A Natural Look

This vessel is perfect for holding makeup brushes, nail polish, and lipsticks.


Bring Your Space To Life

Add a gorgeous succulent or small plant to this jar, and let it stand out on a coffee table or nightstand to bring life to the room.


File Under: Must-Have

Easily organize your desk by storing away office supplies like paper clips and washi tape.


A Conversation Piece

Turn this container into a candy jar to hold your favorite sweet treats.


Optimal Organization

Now you have a new jewelry box! Keep bracelets, earrings, and rings that you wear the most often in this jar for easy access. We chose to add our beaded tassel bracelets, handmade by female artisans in Cambodia.


Home Sweet Home

House your kitchen essentials, from sugar to salt, in this elegant jar. It’ll be all everyone wants to talk about at your next dinner party.

Which scents would you like to see added to our keepsake candle collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos by Alandra Chavarria

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