How To: Care for Your Candle

Surfer Candle | The Little Market

Surfer Candle

The Little Market works closely with the talented women at Prosperity Candle to bring our friends the most beautifully, aroma-filled, scented candles. 

Each candle is hand-poured in small batches with a clean-burning mixture of a vegan, phthalate-free coconut and soy wax blend. A carefully crafted mixture of essentials oils is made to create the perfect scent and finished with a 100 percent cotton wick (for clean-burning). Every candle is created without dyes or enhancers. 

A candle this special deserves the best care possible! Keep reading to learn how to care for your favorite candle.


To start off, we are going to need some tools to correctly care for our candles: a wick trimmer and a wick dripper.

1. When you burn your candle for the first time, it is crucial you let the candle wax burn completely to the sides of your vessel. This will prevent your candle from hollowing in, or “tunneling.”

2. Make sure to never burn your candle for more than three hours. 

3. Make sure all the wax is cooled off before relighting a candle. 

4. Always keep your candlewick at ¼ of an inch. This is where your wick trimmer comes in handy. Although it is not necessary, it prevents messes from happening! 

5. A wick dripper is optional and recommended by Prosperity Candle to ensure a smoke-free extinguish. 

6. Say goodbye when ½ an inch of wax remains.


It’s always important to follow safe practices, especially when near a flame. Our candles are no exception. Read below for candle care tips.

1. DON’T leave a burning candle unattended. 

2. DON’T sleep while a candle is burning.

3. DON’T burn a candle near anything that may catch on fire. 

4. DON’T touch or move a burning candle. 

5. DO keep candles out of reach from pets and children. 

6. DO burn candles on a stable and heat resistant surface. 

7. DO place our Brass Candles on a cork. 

8. DO burn candles in a well-ventilated room. 

9. DO turn off a candle if the flame becomes large or starts to flicker. 


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Help women as they build a brighter future by shopping all your favorite scents. These talented women have lived in the United States for years after resettling from refugee camps, and every purchase supports fair wages and dignified income opportunities. 

Let us know your favorite candle below, or share a photo with us on Instagram, @thelittlemarket!

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