How To: Take Travel Photos Like a Pro

We wish many of our trips would never end. While this isn’t possible, we love capturing our favorite memories from our trips with beautiful, high quality photos. Read below for some of our quick and easy travel photography tips (whether you’re using film, a DSLR, or your phone).

Be Prepared

Have the following essentials ready to go to be prepared for any photo.

  • Charger
  • Memory card or film
  • Camera Bag

Know the Rules  

Follow these rules of thumb that will go a long way.

1. Rule of Thirds

Imagine your photo as a 3×3 grid and simply place your focal point at one of the cross sections of the grid. The purpose of this is to keep the main subject(s) out of the center of every picture and draw the viewers’ eyes across the entire scene.

2. Perspective

Use leading lines to evaluate how the viewer’s eyes travel through the image. Do the other objects lead eyes to look toward the focal point, or do they distract or compete?

3. Lighting

Natural light is always best for photos. There are four types of natural light — direct, indirect, open shade (when the sky is visible), and closed shade (indoor or covered sky). We recommend not having subjects stand in direct sunlight, to avoid squinting eyes and harsh shadows, and opting for open shade whenever possible.

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Happy photographing! We’d love to see your photos — tag us on Instagram @thelittlemarket.

Photos by The Little Market

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