In the News: Ban on Female Drivers Lifted in Saudi Arabia

Photo and Video Courtesy of TIME

In Saudi Arabia, a crucial shift happened on Sunday in a step toward granting greater freedoms to women. Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on female drivers after the kingdom announced plans to lift this ban last September.

More than 120,000 Saudi women applied for a driver’s license yesterday, according to the senior Ministry of Interior and Traffic Directorate officials, writes CNN. New driving schools for women are also seeing long wait lists, according to NPR. And based on PricewaterhouseCoopers reports, the total number of Saudi female drivers is expected to reach more than 3 million in 2020.

This marks a big step toward equal rights for women. Prior to this monumental step, if women wanted to travel via car, they would look to male relatives and chauffeurs as drivers. As the automotive market quickly transforms and grows, new jobs will arise, including for female driving instructors. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed a strategic plan working toward increasing social inclusion. The overall Vision 2030 reform agenda includes a focus on hiring women. Furthermore, women can now attend sports games in stadiums and attend movies and concerts with their male counterparts. Girls will soon be permitted to play sports in their schools as well, according to NPR and Human Rights Watch.

However, while the country is making great strides, there is still a long road to equality for women in Saudi Arabia as a male guardianship system remains in place. For example, women must ask for permission to travel internationally, enroll in higher education opportunities, and apply for a passport, according to Human Rights Watch.

In addition, Human Rights Watch reports that many of the activists who fought for women’s rights including the right for Saudi women to drive are being punished. While some are being temporarily released, others are facing charges, being imprisoned for long periods of time, and being silenced.

We are excited to see this historic moment and achievements taking place for women in Saudi Arabia, while we also recognize the improvements and progress yet to be made.  

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