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Girl Power Candle {The Little Market}

The Little Market is proud to stand with CARE and to support women’s rights. At The Little Market, we prioritize working with female artisans and recognize women as one of the most underserved populations.

CARE is a humanitarian organization working to save lives, end poverty, achieve social justice, and provide emergency and disaster relief around the world. CARE believes in equal human rights for every person and prioritizes female empowerment and women’s rights. CARE has started #ThisIsNotWorking as a three-year initiative to raise awareness and advance women’s rights in the workplace. We are proud to join CARE in a like-minded mission.

Women around the world are facing gender inequalities and unwanted sexual harassment at work. There are devastating statistics that must be changed. CARE reports that more than one-third of the world’s countries do not have laws in place that prevent sexual harassment at work, meaning around 235 million women are at risk. Stop Street Harassment is nonprofit working to report on, address, and end gender-based street harassment globally. Based on a January 2018 SSH nationally representative survey with 2,000 participants, in the United States, 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men reported experiencing a type of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lives. By location, 66 percent of women reported being sexually harassed in public spaces. And 38 percent of women reported sexual harassment in the workplace.

There are several ways you can join in raising awareness for women’s rights.

  • Share your story. From the entertainment industry to personal, everyday stories, women around the world are making monumental moves by speaking up about sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and inequality they’ve faced.
  • Listen to stories by friends and family if they explain their own history with experiencing gender inequality and offer your support.
  • Become informed about gender inequality and women’s rights issues. And as you learn this knowledge, spread the word and educate others on these key takeaways.
  • Volunteer and/or donate to women’s shelters in your community.
  • Consider adding your voice to the conversation. For instance, share your thoughts on social media or through an essay. Or sign a petition you believe in. The International Labour Organization has started a petition, which can be found on CARE’s website, in an effort to raise awareness and make progress to end unwanted sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace.

At The Little Market, we work with several artisan groups who have shared stories in which women have experienced gender inequality.

Kantha Quilts {The Little Market}

Our beautiful hand-stitched kantha quilts are artisan-made by at-risk women and survivors of sex trafficking in Bangladesh.

Lemon Soaking Salt {Marisa Vitale - The Little Market}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Our exclusive collection of soaking salts and sugar scrubs are hand-poured by young mothers in Chicago, Illinois. These inspiring women are often survivors of neglect, abuse, poverty, or homelessness. They’ve lived in low-income communities, may not have access to formal education, and can now work toward a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Multi-Tassel Bracelet {The Little Market}

And in Cambodia, marginalized and at-risk female artisans working with Penh Lenh create beautiful and fun beaded and tassel jewelry. They’ve faced devastating hardships including sex trafficking or sexual abuse.

We feel so inspired by the ways in which these women have overcome obstacles. Through the purchases of these products, women are able to earn a sustainable income and are often treated with more respect as they financially provide for their families. We have heard amazing stories in which female artisans have earned more respect and felt more comfortable to use the power of their voices to make household and community decisions. Please join us in supporting women’s rights and using our voices to bring an end to gender inequalities and sexual harassment.


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