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We are proud to join like-minded brands in recognizing Fashion Revolution Week and the mission behind the global movement.

On April 24, 2013, a horrifying disaster struck the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh when an eight-story building collapsed and killed more than 1,000 workers employed by garment factories. Just one day prior, the employees called attention to concerning sounds from cracks in the building’s infrastructure. But they were forced to go to work in the unsafe conditions, getting trapped in the rubble the next day.

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This tragedy in Bangladesh, the world’s second largest exporter of clothing, has garnered worldwide attention to unsafe working conditions. Furthermore, it led Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro to co-found the Fashion Revolution as a call for positive change. This now-global movement encourages people throughout the world — from designers and brands to producers and workers to consumers and retailers — to learn more about where their clothes are from and understand who made them, the steps to take for proper supply chain transparency, how to ensure fair and equal pay, how to put this on the radar for legislation to protect workers, and how to work toward sustainability in the industry.

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At The Little Market, we are proud to be a Fair Trade Federation member and prioritize speaking up for human rights, fair and equal pay, and transparency in every step of the process to create artisan-made goods. We are committed to working with artisan groups that practice fair trade principles, provide fair wages, offer community development programs, provide a safe and empowering workplace, practice transparency, preserve cultural, time-honored traditions, and implement sustainable practices.

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During Fashion Revolution Week, the #whomademyclothes hashtag and campaign ask clothing brands and producers to respond and show greater transparency. The Fashion Revolution has created a manifesto with key principles for a more transparent and just fashion industry, and we are proud to join our voices in the movement. While celebrating fashion and how special and influential the industry is, the movement raises awareness for significant challenges the industry faces and calls for sustainable and ethical fashion.

Facts Courtesy of Fashion RevolutionGraphics courtesy of Fashion Revolution

We encourage you to add your voice into the movement! Learn more about where your clothes are made and the producer behind it, add to the conversation in social media, look for indicators that the products you purchase as a consumer are fair trade and ethically made, and read about artisans to learn more about the story behind each piece.

Together, we can celebrate the fashion industry and raise awareness for positive change to come, ultimately closing the gap between producer and consumer.

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