Recognizing International Day of Education

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At The Little Market, our mission is to support dignified income opportunities for individuals in underserved communities all over the world. A core part of that mission is to raise awareness around human rights. Here on Cultural Exchange, we share avenues in which our readers can use their voices to uplift others. Today, we are recognizing the International Day of Education. Keep reading to learn more about this monumental day. 

International Day of Education is the recognition of education as a “human right, a public good, and public responsibility” by the United Nations (UN) annually on Jan. 24. Quality education is part of the UN’s plan in action to reaching its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for global peace, sustainability, and prosperity. 

According to the UN, over 265 million children are out of school. This may be caused by the following factors that prevent children and adults from pursuing an education: child labor, gender bias, lack of access to clean water and proper hygiene, health, school fees, violent or political conflict, natural disasters, child marriage, or poor quality education. 

Out of that number, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization reported an estimate of 130 million girls are out of school. Girls from sub-Sahara Africa make up half of the reported number of girls who will not receive an education. Educated girls and women have a positive effect on their family, community, and globally. The World Bank reported how lack of educating girls negatively impacts the global economy. Here are the facts:

  • Barriers to completing 12 years of schooling can cause an estimated $15 to 30 trillion USD to global loss to the global economy. 
  • Women who come from low-income countries with a secondary or higher-level education will earn twice the income than those with primary level or no-education. 
  • A girl receiving an education will eliminate child marriage, which will allow for independent economic opportunities and improve mental and physical health.  

When girls have the skills and knowledge to participate in the economy, it lowers poverty rates and gender inequality. As part of The Little Market’s mission in alleviating poverty for girls and women, we have partnered with organizations that support causes that will eliminate barriers to education. 

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Supporting Health + Education

Collaboration with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project

The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) provides funds, capacity, and awareness to advance HIV prevention, education, and community support for African youth. Through the work of its Program Partners, the organization helps to ensure the youth they serve are on a path to reaching their full potential.

Supporting Children

Razafindrabe Collections

Photo Courtesy of Razafindrabe Collections

Razafindrabe Collections is a social enterprise in Madagascar. The majority of the artisan women have multiple children and have not had access to a formal education. Prior to crafting baskets and bags with Razafindrabe Collections, most of the artisans lived well below the poverty line and earned less than a dollar per day. They now have access to a sustainable source of income and skill development opportunities. Razafindrabe Collections also supports the local primary school with basic supplies and donates 10 percent of its profits to the lunch program.

Let’s make a difference today and every day. We would love to hear how you are supporting education causes! Share your ideas with us in the comments below or on Instagram, @thelittlemarket

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