Meet Craft Boat

Meet Craft Boat {The Little Market}

We are very excited to share a new collection of artisan-made boxes, stationery, and gift wrap essentials with you. We have been working on the collection for almost a year! These handmade, fair trade goods are beautifully crafted by artisans at Craft Boat, a social enterprise based out of Jaipur, India.

Black Cube Gift Boxes {The Little Market}

Craft Boat works with skilled artisans who are repurposing cotton T-shirts into paper-based products. Each product has a textured feel to it due to the beautiful repurposing of the cotton. The group works with 18 full-time artisans between the ages of 28 and 40.

Artisans at Craft Boat in IndiaPhoto Courtesy of Craft Boat, our artisan partner in Jaipur, India

The handmade papermaking technique that the artisans practice has been passed down through generations in India. This craft is truly special and dates back to the 1500s. It is at risk of disappearing and being replaced by mill paper.

In the town of Sanganer in Jaipur, Craft Boat artisans work with locally sourced materials. The textile scraps are assorted and recycled into a paper pulp, and this material is then transformed into cotton paper. The mudcloth patterns in our collection have been screen-printed by hand onto the products.

Rectangle Gift Box Blush {The Little Market}

With every purchase we make, we look for options that are environmentally friendly, artisan-made, and fair trade. Through our partnership with Craft Boat, we’ve been able to bring these beautiful and sustainable boxes to The Little Market. Customers can now give a gift where every piece has meaning — from the card, to the box, to the product.

Mix and Match Gift Boxes Black, Blush, White, & Mudcloth {The Little Market}

Meet Craft Boat - Mudcloth Textiles {The Little Market}

We are excited to partner with Craft Boat to create this truly unique collection. The contemporary box designs are perfect for the modern gift giver, and they are made using a traditional Indian papermaking technique. We also infused traditional African mudcloth motifs into a few of the patterns. By combining many elements and inspiration, we were able to create a unique product that helps preserve a traditional papermaking technique. We value traditional patterns and techniques, and our design development is sensitive to the geographic specificity and meaning. We love to partner with artisans to create products that celebrate their traditional techniques and infuse contemporary designs.

Meet Craft Boat - Design {The Little Market}

Stationery Set {The Little Market}

The stationery set is simple and chic. Get it for yourself, or give it as a gift!  

Black Gift Boxes & Gift Tags {The Little Market}

We added gift tags to the collection to make your gifting even easier! We tried to think of phrases for every occasion. If you have recommendations for more, please let us know in the comments below.

Gift Essentials {The Little Market}

Pick up a set of gift boxes, tags, and stationery so that you can be prepared with gift wrap for any occasion.

Photos by Alandra Chavarria
Artisan Photo Courtesy of Craft Boat

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