Meet Kasigau Basket Weavers

Woven Sisal Baskets {The Little Market}Photo by Stephanie Catlow

We are so happy to be launching an exclusive collection of sisal baskets at The Little Market today! We have been working with female artisans at Kasigau Basket Weavers, a social enterprise based out of Kenya, to create this new collection of woven baskets.

The female weavers handcraft each of these baskets from locally grown sisal leaves. Many artisans often grow this crop on their farms, but several of them also supplement the harvest by purchasing sisal in their communities.

Kasigau Basket WeaversPhoto Courtesy of Kasigau Basket Weavers

By working with the social enterprise, they can collaborate in units, which leads to increased integration within the community. By connecting in units, they have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and share advice while empowering one another. Each unit will come together at least twice a week and also receive leadership training to further develop their skills.

Blue Sisal Woven BasketsPhoto by Stephanie Catlow

The income earned supports their household earnings, which are usually generated from agriculture and farming.

Kasigau Basket Weavers - Artisan GroupPhoto Courtesy of Kasigau Basket Weavers

To create these baskets, the female artisans practice a traditional cultural technique that is passed down from women to women. Artisans gather and prepare the sisal leaves, drain the liquid, extract and weave the fibers, and dye the strands using natural dyes to produce the vibrant colors you see on these baskets. Once the strands have dried, the artisans will weave the sisal into the frame and body of the basket. During the process, the baskets are customized based on the desired design. To learn more about the design and product development process, read more here

Gray Woven Sisal BasketsPhoto by Stephanie Catlow

Our exclusive new woven baskets come in a variety of sizes and patterns — solid, stripes, and colorblock. Mix and match the sizes and colors throughout your home or office to create a comprehensive look.

The work that these women participate in allows them to feel empowered. By crafting woven baskets and earning a supplemental income, they can feel more confident to use their voices and take part in decisions both within their homes and within the community at large.

We are so proud to work on an exclusive line of vibrant sisal baskets with these artisans! To see the complete collection, visit our site.

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  • These are so beautiful! I am in love with what you are doing, empowering women to hand make beautiful things instead of ordering more and more plastic from China… just gorgeous! I love knowing the story behind each item!

  • What a nice line of products to have at home. I still have a few baskets like these from over 5 years ago when I stopped in the Kasigau / Moi region during my Kenya travels- they are TOUGH! Still doing duty all over the house – standing up to horrible moisture, sunshine, and uninterrupted neglect yet looking great all the same – all these years. Sellers seemed to only have a few baskets at any given time and only some sellers had them, so they clearly are not mass produced and take a fair amount of work.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Lenin! We appreciate your kind words and are so happy to hear you love durable sisal baskets! 💗