Meet Razafindrabe Collections

Photo by Alandra Chavarria

We are so excited to share a new collection of exclusive bags from Madagascar! Over the past two years, we have worked with Razafindrabe Collections to design and create a variety of tote bags that are handmade from raffia materials.

Graphic by Danielle Arn

Razafindrabe Collections primarily works with women and shares a like-minded mission of female empowerment. The majority of the female artisans have multiple children and do not have any formal education. Before they began working with the social enterprise, many of them lived below the poverty line, earning less than a dollar a day. Now, they can earn a living wage through their work with Razafindrabe Collections and have access to skill development opportunities.

Photo Courtesy of Razafindrabe Collections

These chic bags we’ve created together come in a variety of patterns and prints — choose from pom poms, fringe detail, flowers, or classic prints.

New Raffia Bags from Madagascar {The Little Market}

Photos by Alandra Chavarria

Artisans make each bag while practicing a raffia weaving technique that is passed down through generations. Material are sourced from local markets in Madagascar to create these bags. Raffia is a palm tree native to tropical Africa, particularly in Madagascar. Based on the colors and patterns of the piece, raffia strands may also be dyed with natural powders.

Photo Courtesy of Razafindrabe Collections

We are so proud to work with Razafindrabe Collections and the talented artisans, and we love that they share in a mission to empower women. Many of the artisans have the flexibility to work from home while taking care of their families and sending their children to school. Razafindrabe Collections also prioritizes giving back to the community — the social enterprise supports its local primary school with basic supplies and school lunches.

Each purchase in this collection supports these hardworking artisans with job opportunities and skill development opportunities. To see the complete collection of raffia tote bags, visit our site!

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