Meet the Artisans: Camaxtl

Mexican Serape Blankets {Valorie Darling - The Little Market}Photo by Valorie Darling

At The Little Market, we carry a collection of serape blankets, each of which is hand-woven by artisans at Camaxtl in Mexico. We are so excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at this wonderful organization! Keep reading to learn more about Camaxtl and these stunning designs.

Mexican Serape Blankets - Woven {Camaxtl}Photo Courtesy of Camaxtl

Camaxtl works with more than 10 artisans in San Bernardino Contla within Tlaxcala, Mexico. They work hard to preserve traditional techniques through their artwork.

The serape weave itself is a well-known symbol to Mexico. Serapes were traditionally worn as a piece of outerwear, like a shawl. While they are still worn in the original region, Coahuila, serapes have now made their way into modern culture.

Serape Blankets and Materials {Camaxtl}Photo Courtesy of Camaxtl

Serape speaks to the traditional striped weave that is create while using hand looms. Before the fabric is woven together, each fiber is carefully dyed by hand. The large stripe you see becomes the primary color, and several smaller stripes accompany it to complete the design.

Through this work and with the support of your purchases, the artisans have access to fair, living wages and they are able to preserve their cultural heritage.

At The Little Market, we carry an extensive collection of serape blankets. Find the one that best fits your color palette! And for those chilly days or cooler summer nights, take a peek at our extra warm serape blankets. Each features unique designs and alludes to cultural traditions.

These serapes are perfect for everything from spending a day at the beach to having a picnic to wrapping yourself up to stay warm.

Serape Blankets {The Little Market}

To shop the collection, visit our site or meet us in the Palisades Village.

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