Meet the Artisans: Chabi Chic

Ceramic Boxes {The Little Market}

If you are a fan of adorable and chic décor, then you would love our artisan-made pieces from Morocco. Chabi Chic dedicates its time and craftsmanship to each individual product by carefully making each handmade piece and preserving cultural traditions. We work with Chabi Chic on a beautiful collection of ceramics, glassware, and furniture.

Chabi Chic’s story started in 2013 with two women from Paris, Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Noël, who moved to Marrakesh. Marrakesh Cultural and Creative Industries, a program started by the United Nations, works with Chabi Chic to uplift artisans by providing resources for their work. 

Ceramic Boxes {The Little Market}

Promoting high quality, ethically made, handcrafted goods is Chabi Chic’s mission. By doing so, each good is not made by machinery and only through traditional and safe methods. Behind this collection are 18 artisans and suppliers between the ages of 20 to 60, passing down tradition. Every purchase of these beautifully crafted pieces will support the artisans’ opportunities to grow creatively and skillfully and to have a better livelihood. Artisans have the ability to work at a workshop or from home.

The inspiration of Chabi Chic products comes from the rich and diverse culture of Morocco. Arab, African, and European influences of the country gives a uniqueness to each piece. The preservation of Moroccan culture and tradition is important as they empower artisans to share their skills and traditions with the world.

Chabi Chic Artisans in Morocco {Chabi Chic}

What makes Chabi Chic ceramics unique is that not only are they traditionally handmade, but the ingredients and material used are all-natural. The artisans use their incredible skills to hand-blow beautiful glass. The colors used to bring the ceramics and glassware to life contains zero lead.

The furniture collection is hand-sculpted by the artisans using olive wood, lemon wood, and walnut wood. No trees are harmed in the making of this chic furniture. The wood that is utilized is environmentally friendly in part because it comes from dry lands.  

Chabi Chic Ceramics and Glassware {The Little Market}

We are so thankful that Chabi Chic shares our values of artisan empowerment. To have a piece of Chabi Chic in your home is having a small piece of Morocco. Shop these Moroccan-made pieces and support artisans as they build a brighter future.

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