Meet the Artisans: MANAVA

Woven Rattan Bags {The Little Market}

We are so excited to introduce a new artisan group to The Little Market family, MANAVA! 

Based in Cambodia, MANAVA is an incredible social enterprise empowering women as they rise above poverty. Through MANAVA, women have access to a supportive work environment; they can come together in a workshop or choose to work from home, allowing them to take care of their family responsibilities.

MANAVA - Team PicturePhoto Courtesy of MANAVA

The social enterprise partners with a Cambodia-based Women’s Resource Center to provide a life skills program, which covers topics such as English, financial management, and women’s rights. 

manava_reang_weaverPhoto Courtesy of MANAVA

Women weavers at MANAVA create beautiful homeware and handbags using rattan materials, all locally sourced from lakes and rivers. The rattan grass is flexible, thin, and sustainable, growing back year after year. MANAVA places an emphasis on eco-conscious practices and sustainable harvests, ensuring the quantity reaped allows for future growth over the years. 

MANAVA - Rattan MaterialsPhoto Courtesy of MANAVA

The rattan palm material, pdau, forms the base of each product in this collection. A willow grass, known as la paek, helps to provide stability. After harvested, these grasses are set to dry out in the sun. Next, the artisans will clean the fibers and peel the outside layer. The willow is dyed using non-toxic powder dyes, and the grass is woven together to form the piece. With a commitment to quality, the artisans inspect each piece as they put the final touches on it. 

The rattan weaving process dates back more than 1,000 years within Cambodia. Each of the pieces created at MANAVA is inspired by Kbach symbols, which are traditionally used in temple carvings and pottery. 

Rattan Woven Bags {The Little Market}

Thank you for your support of our new collection! To shop these pieces, visit our site for woven rattan bags and rattan home décor

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