Meet the Artisans: Matr Boomie

Picture Frames from India {The Little Market}

The Little Market is so grateful to partner with Matr Boomie, an incredible social enterprise empowering artisans in marginalized communities within India and Bangladesh. Matr Boomie provides safe, dignified work for more than 1,000 artisans (more than 500 of whom are women), implements fair trade principles, and advocates for environmentally conscious practices. 

Applique_123. - Matr BoomiePhoto Courtesy of Matr Boomie

In Sanskrit, “matr” means “mother” and “boomie” means “land.” Matr Boomie strives to bring people and cultures together and recognizes that all people belong to the Mother Earth and Mother Land. The artisans are from various communities throughout India and practice regional art forms. 

VJI_HandmadePaperMaking_06Photo Courtesy of Matr Boomie

In addition to fair wages, Matr Boomie provides essential resources for economic self-sufficiency, including design support (while staying true to traditional techniques), interest-free loans, skills training workshops, health services, and education programs. Not only does Matr Boomie focus on empowering craftspeople, the organization places an emphasis on community development and poverty alleviation.

At The Little Market, you will find an array of pieces made by artisans at Matr Boomie and a growing collection. These frames are intricately hand-carved using ethically sourced bone materials from animals who have passed away from natural causes. The bone would otherwise be thrown away and is repurposed through a time-intensive technique.

Grapefruit-Candle-Keepsake-Candle-Three-wick-Candle-The-Little-Market (1)

The wooden materials, like the lids on our keepsake candles, are carved from sustainably harvested trees. 

Woven Nesting Baskets {The Little Market}

These woven baskets are handmade by artisans preserving traditional techniques. Each piece is made from sustainable seagrass leaves, locally sourced near the riverside and coastal regions of Bangladesh. 

Matr Boomie shared an incredible story with us that shows just how much the organization cares about health and safety. For years, a group of artisans were working in an environment full of bone dust, posing a health hazard and creating an unsafe atmosphere. To change this, Matr Boomie provided vacuum sets, which promptly remove all of the bone dust from the work area. The artisans were grateful for Matr Boomie’s support and thoughtfulness. 

Handmade Picture Frames from India {The Little Market}

We are thrilled to be partners with Matr Boomie! To learn more about Matr Boomie and our collection, stay tuned here on Cultural Exchange for updates. 

Let us know on Instagram @thelittlemarket or in the comments below how you are styling these beautiful frames and baskets in your home or which keepsake candle is your favorite.  

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