Meet the Artisans: Sustainable Threads

Bark + Leaf | Sustainable Threads
Photo by Sustainable Threads

We are so excited to share more about the organization behind many of our home essentials, Sustainable Threads. 

Based in India, Sustainable Threads works with more than 12 artisan groups, creating long-term, transparent relationships while producing fair trade pieces. These groups include artisan cooperatives and groups employing women, people living with disabilities, who have faced social stigma and physical challenges, and underserved artisans. Sustainable Threads is committed to helping these hardworking producers gain access to fair wages, a larger market, safe and empowering work environments, skills training, and opportunities for personal and professional advancement. The artisans can work hard to build a productive, healthy future for themselves and their families. Sustainable Threads is dedicated to rural development, entrepreneurship, and social justice. 

The organization is committed to practicing eco-conscious principles and is a Green America Certified Business, which certifies businesses dedicated to social change and eco-conscious principles. Our collection is made with soft, 100 percent cotton and natural materials, including banana bark. Plus, they are handmade with limited electricity use and designed for minimal fabric waste. 

Hand-Operated Loom | Sustainable Threads
Photo by Sustainable Threads

Artisans practice intricate weaving techniques to create these pieces, combining traditional techniques with the modern marketplace. The textile is created on hand-operated looms, one of the oldest forms of textile production. The artisans will connect vertical threads, known as the warp, with the horizontal threads, known as the weft in a time-intensive weaving process. The placemats are twisted, plaited, and weaved with eco-conscious natural bark and leaves. 

Eco-consciously Made Table Runner | The Little Market

These timeless pieces are the perfect décor for table settings, from everyday meals to small gatherings. To shop our collection, please visit our site

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