Meet the Artisans: TENSIRA

TENSIRA - Team PhotoPhoto Courtesy of TENSIRA

We are so excited to welcome a new artisan group to The Little Market family!

Hamidou Diallo and Tuulia Makinen Diallo, a husband-and-wife duo, created TENSIRA with a mission of fostering sustainable income opportunities for craft communities in West Africa. Hamidou Diallo’s mother was an artisanal indigo dyer for more than 40 years and was a key inspiration behind the making of the product, which is a fusion between Nordic design and traditional West African craftsmanship. 

TENSIRA supports more than 60 artisan collaborators based in Conakry in the Republic of Guinea and also works with dozens of independent craftspeople within West Africa. 

New Textiles - Woven - Indigo Dyes {The Little Market}

Artisan collaborators preserve beautiful, time-honored techniques, including weaving and indigo dyeing techniques, to create these linens. The textiles are hand-spun and hand-woven on traditional looms while using 100 percent cotton. For any tie-dye pattern, every stitch is intricately sewn with a needle and thread.  

TENSIRA - Technique PhotoPhoto Courtesy of TENSIRA

The blue dyes that make up each piece are derived from the indigotier plant’s leaves, which are hand-picked, dried, ground, and compressed with care. Plus, the cushions are filled with 100 percent natural, non-treated kapok, which is a hypoallergenic tree fiber. This raw material is gathered from a women’s trade association. 

We are thrilled to introduce new kitchen towels, linens, floor cushions, and totes in our partnership. Thank you for your support of this collection and of The Little Market! 

New Tote Bags - Woven - Indigo Dyes {The Little Market}

Visit our site to shop the full collection, and show us how you’re styling these pieces by tagging us on Instagram, @thelittlemarket.

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