Meet the Artisans: Wolof Weavers of Senegal

Bring a piece of Senegal into your home with hand-woven baskets created by Wolof Weavers in Senegal. Not only do these pieces look beautiful, but every purchase gives back to the people who made them. 

About the Artisans

Wolof Weavers of Senegal is a cooperative with over 100 highly skilled women weaving in nine villages. It is common for women to be basket weavers within these communities to help support their family income. They have preserved weaving techniques, such as the coil style, across generations of women. 

Behind the Technique

Wolof Weavers of Senegal - Swahili Imports

The weaving technique is a unique integration of traditional and contemporary methods. The specific weaving craft Wolof Weavers utilize is binding njodax, a thick local grass with thin strips of palm frond. Using palm fronds was difficult and caused discomfort for weavers’ hands until about 20 years ago. The traditional technique continues to pass through generations, but the next generation is always thinking of innovative, contemporary elements to incorporate. The introduction of large needles and plastic strips has improved the weaving process. Wolof Weavers of Senegal artisans use cattail stalks and recycled plastic materials, implementing eco-conscious practices.

About Senegal 

Senegal has a vast and diverse culture dating back centuries. It has one of the most stable economies in the West African region, although the agriculture-based economy is highly vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and fluctuations in world commodity prices. Despite the ratification of women’s rights initiatives, common challenges Senegalese women encounter include domestic violence and discrimination.

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