Meet the Makers: Ajiri

We are so excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at our partnership with Ajiri, which works with farmworkers across communities in Kenya to source delicious coffee and tea. Artisan women at Ajiri create the beautiful packaging as well as the twines you can find inside each box. Keep reading to learn more about this inspiring social enterprise!

Artisan women, ranging in age from 25 years to over 80 years old, handcraft the packaging for each box of coffee and tea.  

Grace {Ajiri Tea Company} (1)Photo of Grace Courtesy of Ajiri

By working with the social enterprise, these women have the flexibility to work from home, allowing them to take care of their families and their farms while earning fair, living wages. Due in part to the sustainable income they earn, the skilled women have become self-sufficient; they purchase land, livestock, and electricity for their livelihoods, have the confidence to be leaders in their community, and are able to send both their sons and their daughters to school.

Ajiri x Scholars {Ajiri Tea Company}Photo Courtesy of Ajiri

Ajiri is also dedicated to providing essential workshops and programs on topics ranging from community development to health and hygiene. The social enterprise’s reach expands throughout communities in Kenya as proceeds are dedicated to sponsoring orphans’ education. 

Kenyan Black Tea {The Little Market}

Ajiri works with the Nyansiongo Tea Factory, owned by 20,000 small-scale farmworkers, to source this Black Tea. It’s carefully hand-picked in Kisii and grown organically. For the Roobios, a caffeine-free alternative, Ajiri works with a plantation based in South Africa.

With a commitment to sustainability, Ajiri ensures that each tea box is recyclable. The labels are handmade by women while using a dried banana bark, which naturally peels off of the trees. Each design is often inspired by daily life, while others are more whimsical or based on tradition.

Ground Coffee from Kenya {The Little Market}

Kenya is known for being home to some of the best coffee in the world. To source this delicious coffee, Ajiri works primarily with small-scale farms located in the central highlands of Kenya.  

When you’ve finished the tea and coffee, you can repurpose the beautiful artwork and designs by using them as inserts, in picture frames, as notecards — the options are endless!

What makes these even more special is the twine found in the boxes. Women in their 70s and 80s are earning a fair wage while creating a beautiful bracelet. Plus, it’s handmade from recycled materials — they use dried banana bark to create the shape and finish the design with beads.

Veravine {Ajiri Tea Company}Photo of Veravine Courtesy of Ajiri

We are so happy to be sharing these new additions to our collection of tea and coffee at The Little Market. To see the collection, visit our site or stop by our store in the Pacific Palisades.

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