Meet the Makers: Canaan Palestine

We are so excited to launch our first collection of olive oil, created by incredible farmworkers at Canaan Palestine. Keep reading to learn more about this inspiring organization and the hardworking farming families who carefully produce this unique olive oil.

Canaan Palestine

Canaan Palestine connects primarily with small-scale farming families across Palestine. The majority of these farms are managed by families and organized into village-based cooperatives.

Harvest Festival - Canaan Palestine

By working with Canaan Palestine, farmworkers have access to various resources, from sustainability programs and community development workshops to finance training and personal development programs. Canaan Palestine is committed to paying fair, living wages and empowering farmworkers, many of whom have experienced oppression and loss of natural resources. The organization guarantees the purchase of farmworkers’ entire harvests with fair prices and payment terms, is committed to sustainable agriculture and low-impact farming, supports women’s initiatives through micro-grants, funds scholarship programs for farmworkers’ children, and supports the planting of more than 10,000 olive trees each year. 

Did you know that olive oil originated within the region of Canaan? It has been cultivated for thousands of years. The olive crop is an essential social and economic resource within this region as it is a primary source of food security.

Olive Oil and Recipes with Be Well by Kelly {The Little Market}

To create each olive oil bottle, farmworkers carefully hand-pick the olives in the daytime and bring them to an olive press in the evening. A quality check takes place, and then the olive oil is pumped into nitrogen-fixed stainless steel tanks for the sediment to settle. Once filtered, the oil undergoes a final quality check and is bottled, labeled, and packaged. (Plus, the labels are made from paper created from sustainably sourced wood.)  

Hand-picking Olives - Canaan Palestine

Brand new to our collection is a variety of infused olive oil flavors — garlic, lemon, thyme, basic, and chili. These are perfect for any chef and as a gift — shop the gift box with all five flavors! To shop this collection, visit our site or stop by our Palisades Village store.

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