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Peppermint Hand Sanitizer | The Little Market

Today, we are so grateful to welcome a new member to The Little Market family, Fountain House + Body! 

2019_FH_BodyShop | Photo by Fountain House + Body
Photo Courtesy of Fountain House + Body

Created in 2019, Fountain House + Body is a social enterprise in New York that has been dedicated to helping people living with serious mental illness (SMI), producing and selling products that are eco-conscious, and earning a profit in order to continue its employment program.

At Fountain House + Body, program participants work closely in a collaborative, rehabilitative environment and with a job coach. They work in shifts of approximately two to three hours for the most productive and supportive environment. People living with SMI often face challenges when looking for and maintaining sustainable work. Fountain House + Body places an emphasis on relationship building and creating a transitional, empowering workspace where they can gain the experience and confidence needed to succeed in the workforce. 

Fountain House and Body-3 | Photo by Fountain House + Body
Photo Courtesy of Fountain House + Body

To create our first and all-new hand sanitizer, program participants carefully mix and measure the ingredients — first the alcohol, which is made from certified non-GMO sugarcane, and the aloe vera followed by the essential oil. Currently, at least two producers work together during each shift to create the hand sanitizer, and they collaborate closely with a personal job coach who can provide them with direct support during the process. 

Not only is Fountain House + Body dedicated to uplifting program participants and supporting them with dignified income opportunities, but it is also helping to combat the stigma and stereotypes around mental illnesses through its work and with its parent nonprofit Fountain House. 

Lavender-The-Little-Market-Hand-Sanitizer-5 | The Little Market

We are thankful to share four hand sanitizers with you — citrus, lavender, patchouli, and peppermint. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we set out to create a sanitizer while following guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After seven months of searching for the perfect fit, we met these makers in New York serving a greater purpose. Each hand sanitizer is made with aloe vera and essential oils to keep your hands feeling soft — never sticky. 

To shop our collection of hand sanitizers, please visit our site.  

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