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At The Little Market, we ethically source products from artisan groups and social enterprises all around the world. Today, we are excited to share more about one of our longest partnerships with Prosperity Candle, the incredible social enterprise behind our best-selling candles, including our just-in fall scents. Since 2014, we have worked closely with Ted Barber, Patsy Kauffman Barber, and the growing team of women artisans and are so thankful for their dedication to their craft. 

Meet Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle works with talented women artisans who have resettled in Western Massachusetts after living in refugee camps. Inspiring and hard-working, these women are creating a brighter future for themselves and their children. 

When new members first join the team, they typically start with labeling and packaging. Then, they will learn how to make the candles and gain more responsibility for production. They work in a supportive, safe environment where everyone is treated equally and respected for who they are. Prosperity Candle pays the women artisans living wages, offers flexible work schedules, and provides additional support including travel reimbursement. 

Prosperity Candle | Photo by John Polak Photography for Prosperity Candle
Photo by John Polak Photography for Prosperity Candle

How It’s Made

These candles are carefully hand-poured in small batches. The candle wax is made from a high-quality coconut-soy wax blend, and it’s finished with a pure cotton wick. Our standard 10 oz. collection can burn for up to 70 hours. Plus, once the candle has burned through, you can easily repurpose the glass jar for storage, as a planter, and more.

Lydia | Prosperity Candle
Photo by Prosperity Candle

Shop Our Collection

We offer more than 20 fragrances in our collection of candles. We also created a collection of phrases for every occasion and candles that can be personalized, adding a special touch to any gift to loved ones or for yourself. Our custom candle can be customized with a unique name, phrase, quote, logo, and more — the options are endless! They make for a great gift all year round. 

The-Little-Market-Fall-Candle-Scents-Fig | The Little Market

We are so grateful for Prosperity Candle’s hard work and dedication to creating economic opportunities for women as they create safer futures in the United States. And we are so excited about what’s ahead in our partnership! 

To shop fall scents and the complete collection, please visit our site. And stay tuned here on Cultural Exchange for more updates. 

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