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Artisans Weaving at WomenCraft {WomenCraft - The Little Market}Photo Courtesy of WomenCraft

After a year in the works, we are excited to introduce woven baskets from WomenCraft to our collection. WomenCraft works with more than 300 artisans across 17 villages in Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Artisans at WomenCraft {WomenCraft - The Little Market}Photo Courtesy of WomenCraft

We feel so proud to work with WomenCraft and to help provide sustainable opportunities for the artisans that are supported through these efforts.

Hand-woven Baskets {WomenCraft x The LIttle Market}

Photo by Alandra Chavarria

WomenCraft’s 24 artisan groups include former refugee women who lived in refugee camps for decades, survivors of genocide, and HIV-positive artisans. Several of the women were once struggling subsistence farmers. And many now care for HIV orphans, the surviving children of extended family members who have devastatingly lost their battle to AIDS.

Weaving at WomenCraft {WomenCraft - The Little Market}Photo Courtesy of WomenCraft

By working with WomenCraft, artisans can increase their crop yield, have a work-family life balance, send their children to school, and provide better nutrition and healthcare. Many have reported that they started new business ventures and have seen improved equality and respect with their spouses. We feel incredibly inspired by the positive changes that come about through organizations like WomenCraft, which is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Artisans Weaving at WomenCraft {WomenCraft x The Little Market}Photo Courtesy of WomenCraft

To create these handmade pieces, artisans practice a specialized weaving and coiling technique that is unique to their communities and has been passed down for generations. Using natural, locally harvested grasses, recycled grain sacks, and small weaving tools, they weave each grass coil into a series of rows. Each piece takes approximately two to seven days to complete.

Hand-woven Baskets {The Little Market}

Photo by Alandra Chavarria

These baskets come in a variety of patterns and sizes. Their versatility allows them to be both functional and beautiful — solving your storage needs while being displayed as décor in your home.

WomenCraft Group Photo {WomenCraft - The Little Market}Photo Courtesy of WomenCraft

Every purchase makes a difference in the lives of the artisans, their families, and their communities. To see the complete collection, visit The Little Market

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