Mothers at the Market: Aimée

Aimée - Razafindrabe CollectionsPhoto by Jenny Rasija of Razafindrabe Collections

Aimée is an artisan working with Razafindrabe Collections, one of the newest artisan groups we’ve introduced at The Little Market! We loved getting to learn more about Aimée and her story. Read her interview below!

My name is Aimée. I am married and am a mother of two beautiful children: a boy and a girl. I come from a poor family, therefore never had the opportunity to finish my studies. Later in my life, I got really interested in making handmade items. I used to work for big companies but felt really unfulfilled. I longed to work at home and take care of my kids but that seemed almost impossible until I collaborated with Razafindrabe Collections. I describe myself as a pretty content mom and also a hard worker.

What does being a mother mean to you?

To me, being a mom is one of the most beautiful things in life. A mother is someone that holds a crucial role in a child’s life. Not only does she take care of the home, but also of her children’s education. What I mean by education is showing them the right way to live life. To me, a mom is also the manager of the house, the one that is always prepared for the goods and the bads that may come and plans accordingly. 

How has working with Razafindrabe Collections and The Little Market impacted your life and your family’s life?

I would say it significantly changed my family life. It feels like an answer to prayers really! I always dreamed about working from home and Razafindrabe Collections is one of the few companies I know that has encouraged and empowered us by respecting our request. For me, family comes first and now I feel so blessed that I can take care of my family, my home, and even myself and work at the same time. Working from home also gives me a sense of being a little manager and gives me responsibilities because it teaches me self-discipline.

Working with The Little Market has also been a real pleasure. I remember working through their design, and I really had to use my brain because they seemed quite unfamiliar to me. I was always very proud of myself when I could finish a sample. Not only that, but I even involved my husband in my little business and now he can make pom poms. I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to prove our workmanship.

Finally, I could notice some changes in my son, the youngest. As I was more present at home, his behavior started to change and he is becoming more confident in who he is.

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

Taking care of my little family and have some quality time together. I love to play with my kids and joke around with those little ones.

What have your children taught you?

Mandresy, my youngest (a boy) taught me to smile. When life gets too hard, he makes some riddles and teaches reminds me how good it is to be a mom.

What is something you’d like to teach your children?

I would love to teach my children to be god-fearing people; that they will be afraid to do bad things in life such as stealing. … I would love (for) them to study well because I haven’t had the opportunity to really study in my life.

I also want to teach my daughter to weave and to make bags, just like me. 

Well overall, I would love them to do better than me in life.

How has being a mother influenced your life?

Being a mother has made me more mature for sure. It has taught me that life has values. Some things become more valuable and some others lose their meaning. It gives me a sense that I do not live for myself alone anymore, and I can tell, my behavior and lifestyle have changed since then. 

We were so happy to have had the opportunity to interview Aimée. To see our collection from artisans like Aimée at Razafindrabe Collections, click here!

A special thank you to Aimée, Jenny Rasija, and the Razafindrabe Collections team for contributing to our Mother’s Day series!

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