Mothers at the Market: Rinah Laingotiana

Rinah Family - Razafindrabe CollectionsPhoto by Jenny Rasija of Razafindrabe Collections

Rinah Laingotiana is a female artisan working with Razafindrabe Collections, one of the newest artisan groups that we work with at The Little Market. Get to know more about Rinah below!

My name is Rinah, and I am 30 years old. I have four children: three girls and a boy. My oldest child is 13, and my youngest is soon to be 6 months. I have not had my chance to continue my studies, but if I think back what will I have become even if I continued? I like being positive and I enjoy being an artisan. Handcraft is actually my passion. Since my parents did not have the opportunity to send me to school, I learned by myself and asked people to teach me. I can say I have always been an artisan; I have learned from the ladies around my village. I quite enjoy doing embroidery, and I am humbled to say it’s my specialty. I am also not too bad at braiding. I hope that my children will have a successful life and go through a smoother path in this life. I hope they will finish their studies well and achieve their goals.

What does being a mother mean to you?

I think a mother is someone that takes care and educate her children. I think she is also the one that nurtures in every way: provides nice food, adequate education, and impart good values in life. 

How has working with Razafindrabe Collections and The Little Market impacted your life and your family’s life?

It really changed my whole entire life. I was jobless before working with Razafindrabe Collections. No one believed in my skills and they were always asking for certificates I did not have. I can say they were my miracle. I(t) brought change and development in my life, not only in terms of finances, but my mentality has also changed. I feel stronger and empowered now. I feel accepted and I know I have something to offer and that something is of good value. I really gained new skills and learned new techniques from them. Now I teach other ladies in my village to grow our team.

The Little Market is also such a blessing to me personally. I was the one that was chosen for a grant through them. Our company Razafindrabe Collections offers a grant to someone or to an organization at the end of every contract, and for this time I was the one that got chosen. My daughter Christina had a full payment of her school year so that I can focus more on my work.   

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

My favorite part of motherhood is educating my children. I quite enjoy watching them study because I didn’t really have the chance to pursue mine.

I love to see that they are smart and that they can do better than me. 

What have your children taught you?

My daughters Christina and Lolita teach me some English and French words, but my brain can’t seem to store any of them. 

In general, they teach me how precious life is. Unknowingly, they bring out the best of me. I have goals because of them, not because of myself. 

What is something you’d like to teach your children?

I would like to teach them to have good behaviors: to be respectful toward parents and toward people in general. I want to teach them to persevere in life and avoid the same mistakes I made.

How has being a mother influenced your life?

Being a mother has made me more mature, it has changed my character and mentality in lots of ways.

It has brought the best and the worst of me. I would say it has revealed a lot of hidden things in me and all I can say is they made me become a better person. 

We loved hearing from Rinah! To see our collection from artisans like Rinah at Razafindrabe Collections, click here!

A special thank you to Rinah, Jenny Rasija, and the Razafindrabe Collections team for contributing to our Mother’s Day series!

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